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About Us

Holystic Nutrition Organization is a non-profit organization incorporated and existing under the Laws of Ghana, having its registered office in Obuasi, Ghana. The organization was registered at the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana under sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Act 1963 and Act 179 as a Limited by Guarantee Organization in February, 2017.
Holystic Nutrition Organization was founded on the belief that nutrition security is the backbone of health, which remains the pivot of productivity for socioeconomic development. Hence our unique slogan of ‘Sustainable Nutrition, Productive Lives’.

We are therefore committed to transforming livelihoods through the pursuit of best-buy nutrition interventions and policies.

Why we do it

To build a healthier,
more nourished world


A world where every individual has access to nutritious food, enabling them to lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

to promote nutrition security as a fundamental pillar of health, productivity, and socioeconomic development.
Core Values
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation
Explore best-buy/cost-effective policies and interventions that improve nutrition security.
Develop innovative solutions (programs, products and services) which could be scaled to address nutrition insecurity.
Advocate for the implementation of evidence based policies and programs towards nutrition security.
Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to implement policies and programs that contribute to nutrition security.
From Despair to Nourishment

A Story of Hope
and Sustainable Nutrition

According to the World Food Programme, an estimated 149 million children under the age of five worldwide suffer from stunted growth due to chronic malnutrition.

Malnutrition and food insecurity are widespread problems among children. Taking into consideration the profound impact of malnourishment on children, a group of health professionals prioritized nourishing the bodies, minds, and dreams of these children. Their initiatives included day-care and educational nutrition programs aimed at ensuring food security for all. As the town embraced these efforts, malnourished children regained their strength, vitality, and smiles. The impact spread throughout the community, improving health, education, and the local economy. News spread about the transformative power of food security and the lasting change it can bring to individuals and communities. Holystic Nutrition Organization’s commitment to addressing food insecurity uplifts lives, restores hope and build a more equitable world for all.

We are driven by a deep-rooted belief that nutrition security is essential for the overall well-being and development of individuals and communities. Here’s why we do what we do:

Number of Beneficiaries
200 +
Nutrition packs provided
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Lifes Transformed
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Your questions answered

Common questions

Our primary focus is to combat malnutrition and promote sustainable nutrition practices, aiming to create a nourished world where everyone has access to nutritious food and holistic well-being.

Sustainability is at the core of our programs. We prioritize practices such as organic farming, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture to promote sustainable food systems. We also collaborate with local farmers, support local economies, and advocate for policies that ensure long-term food security and nutrition.

We employ rigorous monitoring and evaluation frameworks to measure the impact of our initiatives. We track key indicators such as reduction in malnutrition rates, increased access to nutritious food, improved health outcomes, and community engagement. These data-driven insights help us continually refine and improve our programs.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles for us. We maintain clear financial records and regularly publish reports outlining the allocation and utilization of funds. Additionally, we follow best practices in governance, adhere to ethical guidelines, and engage in independent audits. We believe in being open and accountable to our supporters, stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

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